On the occasion of the AWP23 happening next week in Seattle, I’d like to post about poetry and writing, specifically war-related poetry.I’m a bit late in seeing this article in the Australian online magazine Quillette by Simon Evans about the supposed end of war poetry, but…
But mostly about systemic sexism
German literature mostly doesn't appreciate literary naval-gazing
America 2022-2023: a photo-essay
This is where I'll be publishing my dispatches about life and travels on this planet. I'm interested in many things, but especially being torn between…
Essay for “Sounds of Water” Art Festival — part album review of Enya’s Watermark, part travelogue and art eco-diatribe.
A critique of the 12th Berlin Art Biennale
For a long time, I did all I could to forget about having served in the U.S. Army.
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Letters from an American
Heather Cox Richardson
The Line
The Line Literary Review
The Audacity.
The Audacity.
Roxane Gay

Heaven and Earth Dispatches